Spooky Photo Art Picture of the Bridgnorth Majestic Cinema

Just had to write about our latest art purchase of this spooky photo art picture of the Bridgnorth Majestic Cinema. So what’s the story here? Well about 2 months ago we were walking around the market in Ludlow, Shropshire, and stumbled upon a most unusual stall selling the most unusual, but amazing photo art pictures of local areas in around Shropshire, namely Bridgnorth, Chirbury, Clun, Ironbridge, the Long Mynd, Ludlow, Montgomery, Much Wenlock, Shrewsbury, Stiperstones, Stokesay, Whittington and the Wrekin. Not quite sure how the artist manages to create such amazingly weird and wonderful pieces, but I should imagine it all starts with an expertly taken photograph overlaid with some Photoshop magic.

I was not in a position to buy a piece right there and then but the artist explained that he offered a postal service, so gave me his equally spooky business card with the web site address on it. When we got home we visited the Witch Photographer site at http://www.witchphotographer.com. What a great site, and some of the most bizarre and spooky photo art pictures of the local area. I wanted one!

Why I chose the Bridgnorth Majestic Cinema Picture

The choice of picture was huge but in the end one particular piece caught my eye. I’m of the mind that location art, photos and pictures that you hang on your wall, are in your home, in frames, that you buy, should have some relationship with you. Places you have been, places you are seen. places you have lived. I really don’t see the point of hanging a picture of the Empire States building on you wall if you’ve not been there. For this reason I was strangely drawn to the picture of the iconic Bridgnorth Majestic Cinema, Shropshire, England. I have very fond childhood memories of visiting the only working cinema in Bridgnorth to watch such films as Ghostbusters, Gremlins, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. The cinema opened in 1937, and has three screens. The main large screen has around 330 seats and the two smaller ones have around 80 seats, this is not some soulless multiplex, but a glorious, Majestic theatre.

Witch Photographer Picture of the Bridgnorth Majestic Cinema:

So anyway, there you go and there you have it, perhaps yes, not to everyone’s taste, but I love it, and this spooky picture of the Bridgnorth Majestic Cinema will hang proudly on my wall for all to see.

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